The Vintage Inspired Bride

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Planning for a vintage themed wedding may seem straight forward but have you thought of all your vintage inspired accessories?
The best accessory a bride can have are her hair accessories and what better way to show your vintage inspired theme? Our personal favourite is the bird cage veil. The birdcage veil first became popular in the 1940s and remains a popular choice for brides wanting to create a vintage look for their wedding. Birdcage veils can be made to order either on a headband or on a comb. Usually a piece of netting will swoop across the face to cover one or both eyes. Some brides want their birdcage to remain fairly plain, whilst others choose to have feathers or diamantes to give a more glamorous look.
Hair jewellery is a very modern bridal look that has a very vintage feel to it. Hair jewellery will usually drape across your hair, whether it be across the front of your head, the side or the back of your head. Hair Jewellery is most popular in diamantes however some will have a mixture of pearls and diamonds. A lot of hair jewellery is hand made so can be very delicate. Handle your hair jewellery correctly and store in a safe place away from direct sunlight.
Another hair accessory that is quite similar to hair jewellery is the hair vine. Hair vines are usually a single or double wire that is secured to a comb at each end. Hair vines are usually worn across the top or side of your hair and slide into place with two small combs. Vines are becoming more and more popular with brides and can even be hired out in certain stores! For the vintage inspired bride, opt for a delicate hair vine with flowers and leaf designs.
Pillbox’s are another perfect hair accessory for a vintage inspired bride. The bridal pillbox first came about in the 1960s and are still worn today by brides wanting to create that vintage feel. Pillbox’s are best suited to brides wearing a shorter, T-length gown however works equally as well with a longer gown. You can have your pillbox hand made to suit your requirements. You may find some pillbox’s have veiling like the birdcage veil, whilst others will just have the pillbox. Wear your pillbox with pride and style with feathers, flowers or pearls to create your vintage inspired look.
Another great bridal accessory is the bolero which is extremely popular with winter brides. You can wear a crystal and beaded bolero to create a 1920s style look or stick to tradition with a fur bolero. Some brides also choose a satin or chiffon bolero to create that warm bridal feel.
Bridal gloves are yet another perfect way to get a vintage inspired look for your wedding day. Accessorize your bridal look with a glamorous pair of gloves whether they be elbow length or sit around your wrists. Gloves are perfect to achieve a cute, vintage look. If you are wearing a T-length gown, wearing a pair of gloves that end at your wrists will be best suited. If you are wearing a longer gown, choose a longer pair of gloves that end at your elbows to create your vintage inspired look.
The colour champagne is another way to create that vintage feel for your wedding and our final tip. Strive away from tradition and opt of champagne colours as opposed to traditional ivory. Using champagne is another great way to achieve a vintage inspired look to create a rich and glamorous look. Finish your vintage champagne look with champagne pearls and beads.