Birdcage veils

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Do you want to wear something different on your wedding day? Fancy something unique and special? Ever thought about having a vintage style look for your wedding? Why not try a birdcage veil?

Birdcage veils are perfect for a vintage wedding. They go beautifully with a stunning 1950s tea dress and look lovely with a 1920s hair style. With their delicate net you’re sure to look the part.

With classic netting often attached to a pillbox, hair discs, elaborate feathers, flower slides or brooches, you can make your very own bespoke veil to suit you, adding anything from feathers to diamantes. They offer you a sophisticated, elegant, glamorous look, perfect for your special day. It’s the perfect bridal headwear, if you ask me.

These very unique veils have modernised and evolved to create the birdcage veil you would see today. You can find blusher veils, angle veils, Venetian veils, birdcage veils and bandeau veils. Who knew there were so many different types? All these veils are created from netting or tulle but are different because of the way they are cut and constructed. This is what divides each type of veil from the other.

What better way to stand out on your wedding day than to strive away from tradition and wear a beautiful, glamorous and ‘oh so’ unique birdcage veil?