Every Girls Dream to Wear a Tiara

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Pearl and crystal flower tiara

Every girls dream is to wear a tiara at some point in their life and her wedding is the perfect time for it.

There are three main types of tiaras, including: a side tiara: a full tiara and a headband tiara. These come in all different shapes and sizes and can be worn with or without a veil.

If you have short hair, a lighter, more delicate tiara that stays in place easily, will look stunning on you. and if you have longer hair opt for a more heavier tiara that could require more pins to stay in place. This is because there is a lot more hair to work with and pins can easily be hidden in longer hair.

Traditionally, women would wear a full tiara in front of a veil. Although this still occurs, it isn’t what every bride does.  Full tiaras either stand up like a crown or is flatter but covers the whole of your head on a headband. These are the most traditional type of tiara.

Side tiaras are very modern. Only one side of the headband is decorated and embellished and it is less common to wear a side tiara and a veil. Side tiaras and very glamorous and can be embellished in many different ways. Feathers, pearls and crystals are often used to embellish a tiara.  Although small, these tiaras really stand out and make a statement.

A headband tiara is a bit more unique. These are often vintage looking and you wouldn’t wear a veil with one. These tiaras go around the whole of your head, with a small or large part of detail and embellishment at the front. If you have a small embellishment, then the detailed part will sit on the side of your forehead. Likewise, if you have a larger piece of detailing, then the embellished part will sit across the front of your forehead. These can often look like a 1920s style. Style a headband tiara with a glamorous vintage gown, hairstyle and accessories.

So what tiara is best for you?

If you have naturally straight, soft, thinner hair, a smaller, flatter tiara would be best for you. If you have fuller, thicker hair with more volume and body, then a tiara with more detailing and is larger would be best for you. Embellishment like feathers would be best suited to a fuller, thicker hairstyle or an up-do. The same rule applies for side and full tiaras. With a headband tiara, you can get away with either as the tiara will not sit in your hair so would not get lost.

Every girls wants to look like a princess on their wedding day. And now they can.