The Perfect Bridesmaid Shoes

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Harper dyeable bridal shoe with an ankle strap

What is the perfect bridesmaid shoes? We may have the answer for you!

Whatever the weather, we have the perfect bridesmaid shoes for you! And the best thing is we can hand dye your shoes to match your dress perfectly!

So the next step is the style. Do you want a flat? A wedge? A sandal? A peep-toe? A high, medium or low heel? Once that’s decided you then need to decide whether you would like lace or satin shoes.

Once you have found your style, you just need to work out the colour. Choose a colour to match your bridesmaid dress or maybe you want their shoes to contrast the dress or maybe match the flowers! Whatever the shade, we can dye your shoes for you!

So what is the perfect bridesmaid shoes? Well, the perfect bridesmaid shoe is the perfect matching shoe to your dress. It’s the shoe that’s elegant, the perfect colour and comfortable. After all, you don’t want to be hobbling down the isle, do you?