Make Light of a Rainy Wedding

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make light of a rainy day

How to make the most out of a wet wedding

Every bride’s worst fear is rain on her wedding day. It’s the one thing you can’t plan for so why not embrace it? With good preparation, you can make a rainy wedding just as special as a sunny one.
First things first, make sure you wear waterproof makeup. This is a must for a wet wedding but even on a dry one too. Most brides opt for airbrush makeup as these are water resistant and won’t run. Make sure to blot as you don’t want to look shiny either. Don’t worry about crying, with a good waterproof mascara and eyeliner; you can be sure you won’t end up with panda eyes.
Worried about ruining your shoes? Why not try heel stoppers. These are clear plastic covers that you pop on to your heel to stop you from sinking in the grass. Not only will they stop you from sinking, they will also prevent any grass, mud, water stains and scuff marks; multipurpose and a great investment. Coming in different sizes, you can chop and change them to use on all your different shoes.
What about some cute welly boots (you can get them embellished with “Bride” or “Bridesmaid” in crystals). These can look great for your photos! If your photographer is really clever he could take a photo of you and your bridesmaids in wellingtons. A fun and effective wedding photo!
Umbrellas can look great in your wedding photos too! Clear umbrellas are perfect to hide under and will create a perfect effect with the water droplets. You’ll look stunning, stay dry and will be able to be seen perfectly! Having a black and white photo will look stunning and the water will look like stars to create a perfect, romantic wedding photo. If you love the idea of seeing the water droplets why not have a photo taken through a window instead of an umbrella. This will still give you the same effect the clear umbrella will.
If you don’t want a clear umbrella, why not have a heart shaped umbrella or a frilly umbrella. You can even have your colour theme and have matching umbrellas for all your bridesmaids and guests! These will make great wedding photos; elegant and classy. An unusual heart shape umbrella will symbolise your love and commitment so would be a perfect idea for your wedding!
Why not match your bridesmaid’s umbrellas to a pair of wellies?
If you’re not worried about a bit of rain, creating that romantic kiss in the rain can look beautiful and after all is most girls dream. Why not recreate singing in the rain while you’re out there as well. Make your wedding fun and exciting! It’s your day so don’t let the rain spoil it for you!
Black and white photos look stunning for your wedding photographs. If your photographer is clever he can take a black and white photo and add a splash of colour. This is a perfect idea for if you want to have only an umbrella or wellingtons in colour!
So remember: use the bad weather to your advantage, always wear waterproof make-up, don’t be afraid to go out in the rain, make your day fun and enjoyable regardless of the weather, add a splash of colour to your day, water droplets look lovely in photographs and black and white photos are timeless and classic.