Dying Lace Shoes…

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There are a few things you need to be aware of when having a pair of lace shoes dyed.

Having a pair of lace shoes can give you a stunning vintage look and they will look even better when dyed to match your outfit! If you have a plain dress, you may decide to have a pair of lace shoes dyed to be the focus of your outfit. This will then be your statement piece.

However, if you do want to go ahead and dye a pair of lace shoes, you need to be aware that they won’t come out as a solid block colour.

Instead, your dyed lace shoes will create a ‘two-tone’ effect. Part of the lace can become more prominent in colour. This may be the top of the lace or the underneath, depending on the type of lace.

At Wedding Nites, we find that dying lace works better with a paler, lighter colour such as a pale pink or champagne as opposed to a navy.
We stock 4 different types of dyeable lace shoes in our store. We would advise asking a member of staff to explain how the lace dyes before purchasing a lace shoe.

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