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One of the most important things on your wedding day is comfort.

The worst thing you can do on your big day is wear a pair of shoes that are so uncomfortable that you just want to sit down or take them off. Remember to pick a pair of shoes you will be able to wear throughout the day and night. Heels look good but can you wear them all day? a way round this it to find an elegant pair of flats to change into that will compliment your dress.

If you want a heel then why not opt for a low or mid heel rather than a high or platform heel. These will be more comfortable and easier to wear well into the night.  At wedding nites we stock over 100 styles of shoes from very high platforms to flats.

Most lace or satin shoes can be dyed after your wedding, great cause you can wear your shoes time and time again. You can even get them dyed to match your bridesmaids! We can customize your bridal shoes with crystals and diamante’s to made your shoes glisten and pop out. Perfect to add a little more sparkle to your wedding day.

Lace bridal shoes are very vintage looking yet still modern and glamorous. They are perfect for a lace embellished bridal gown.

Comfort is key when buying your bridal shoes!