Custom Dye Service

Shoe Dye Service

Our dyable wedding shoes and bags are perfect for your wedding day. Choose a pair for your special day and then bring them in after the occasion to dye them for any another outfit.

We tailor make your dye to match virtually any colour you like. All our colours are custom mixed in our shop in Hadleigh and we strive to get the perfect tone to match any item you desire.

The process is very straight forward, first supply us with the item you would like your shoes or handbag to match to. We’ll then start mixing your custom dye until we get the colour just right. The dye is then professionally applied to the shoes and bag, taking extra care to ensure their colour is even across them. We then set them to dry when they’ll be ready for you to collect and wear.

Once we receive the colour you’d like us to match to our process takes only a few days until you’ll be walking away with the perfect ensemble.

In store and on our website, we have a wide range of dyeable shoes and bags to purchase; Go online or speak to us today about getting your own custom dyed wedding shoes and bags.