Must haves for your bridal nightwear.

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Some brides may forget but your bridal nightwear is just as important as all your other wedding necessities.
Be prepared and think about your wedding nightwear in advance so you won’t stress the week before the wedding about not having anything to wear. After all, this is your first night together as a married couple! Your nightwear should be special and not something you wear every night. It’s important to wear something you’ll feel good in but still make sure you’re comfortable in.
A lot of brides tend to go for something loose fitted and ‘floaty’ as opposed to something more tight fitting for their wedding night. You will find that a lot of bridal nightwear is sheer fabric and is usually made from satin/silk and lace. Again, you need to make sure you feel comfortable in your nightwear because when you feel good, you look good!
Some brides choose to stick to ivory and white for their nightwear, whilst others might go for a bright colour. If you’re looking for that classy, sexy look you may want to think about wearing something black and red to symbolise passion.
Another great idea for your wedding nightwear is to have it customised with your new name or ‘Just Married’. This is a fun touch that you can add to that all important nightwear. Why not match your nightwear to a beautiful gown. Maybe get ‘Bride’ or ‘Just Married’ stoned onto the back?
So there you have it, a few ideas to think about when choosing your wedding nightwear. Just remember to be comfortable in whatever you choose to wear.