What to wear with a low back wedding dress

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Low back wedding gowns is most definitely the current trend in bridal wear. But what do you wear under your dress? You don’t want to spoil the beautiful detail on the back of the dress!
Look no further because we have the perfect solutions for you!
If you want to wear lingerie then a low back basque could be the answer but make sure you see a specialist lingerie supplier. You need to ensure the fit is perfect and take the dress so you can check that it doesn’t show under your gown. If the dress is not available then get the dress fitter to mark on your skin where the back falls too. The perfect fit will really make the difference to the overall look and feel of the dress! If the front of your dress is low, make sure you go for a more plunging bra or basque this may mean dropping down a cup size to get the plunge.
Prefer not wearing lingerie or the back is to low even for a basque? Why not try a stick on bra? These are perfect as they don’t have a back at all! Go bare backless bras are perfect for low back dresses! The straps on the bra stick to your side and can also be cut down to make shorter! I know what you’re thinking; it won’t stick and will fall off right? With the right preparation these stick on bras will last all day and can even be reused! The bras are bought in cup sizes so make sure you buy the right cup! You can even buy them so they don’t have the strap at all and is just the cup. You just peal them off and stick them on.
Don’t like the idea of that? Why not use “‘sew ins’ or stick ins”! These are cups that you can sew into your gown or stick in. They will give you the effect of a bra and will hold you up without actually having to wear one! If you’re worried about ‘sew ins’ then skin to fabric tape will give you that extra piece of mind.
So there you have it, solutions for what to wear with a low back dress.