What accessories do I wear with my blush coloured wedding dress?

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Rose gold tiara

2016 is bringing brides into our store with blush colour wedding dresses and they are in a dilemma as to what colour accessories to put with it.

In this wedding blog we will help you decide on what metals and fabrics work with a blush colour wedding dress, this will help you when looking around for your accessories.
A good tip is ask the retailer you purchased your dress from, for a swatch of the colour as there are quite a few shades of blush pink. I would ask for this swatch at the time of purchase. If not then if you’re having the hem taken up, ask the seamstress for a little of the fabric. You can then keep this in your bag for any wedding shopping you do.

SHOES; Although you think you’re shoes are hidden under your wedding dress, if the colour is not the same they will be noticeable. An ivory shoe with a blush wedding dress does not look as good as a blush shoe that is the same colour as your dress. So if you want your shoes to be seen then go ivory but if you are an attention to detail type of person then opt for the same colour blush as your dress. A good choice would be to opt for an ivory dyeable shoe where they can be left ivory until you decide. Most leading wedding shoe brands will be dyeable but ask if you are not sure or pop them into our store and we can advise. In Wedding Nites they have the dyeable shoe range and will dye shoes the exact blush colour of your dress, this can be done up until a week before the wedding, If you’re unsure if your shoes are dyeable bring them into our store and we can advise. (Dyeable shoes can be dyed another colour after the wedding)

VEILS; As veils are so sheer you can get away with a plain ivory veil over a blush dress, one tier veils tend to look better as it would be more sheer. If you want lace on your veil go for a blush veil, ask in store as a lot if veils can now be ordered in a blush colour.

TIARA / HEADRESS; This is easy! It’s got to be “rose gold” once you see a rose gold tiara or headdress with a blush dress you will be in overwhelmed!!!

JEWELLERY: More rose gold of course!

LINGERIE; Ivory sits just as well under a blush dress. Just remember to get measured first brides, it’s so important!