Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed and Something Blue…

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We all know there are certain wedding traditions; something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue! But how do you know what’s what?

Something new is the easiest one to fill; your wedding gown! It’s perfect to have a brand new wedding dress that’s all yours. It’s unique and special to you right down to the smallest measurements! You can feel confident knowing no one will have that dress other than you. Your something new could also be your shoes, a garter, stockings, jewellery, a tiara, a veil and let’s not forget your new husband!

You can combine your something old and something borrowed. Why not borrow a brooch or hair pin from a close friend or relative? Some may even borrow a tiara or veil! If you’re really clever you could even incorporate your something blue into it!

You may want to go for something vintage for your something old. Your mum or grandmother may give you some of their jewellery or hair accessories for you to wear on your big day. You may even want to wear something that you had when you were younger; maybe a necklace, earrings or a bracelet that has a special meaning and sentimental value. Some places can alter the old jewellery for example use the stones from your necklace in your tiara.

Hiring a tiara is perfect for your something borrowed! Not to mention it will save you money! Or if you’d prefer you could borrow some jewellery or a brooch from someone. Accessories add a lovely touch to your day and your something borrowed would be perfect to incorporate in your bouquet.

Think outside the box with your something blue; it doesn’t have to be visible. A blue garter or a blue bow on your lingerie are perfect for your something blue. It’s for you and your new husband to see! Or if you want to show people your something blue, you could have dyed blue shoes, a blue stone in your jewellery or a blue diamante or a blue ribbon that can be sewn on your dress! The sky’s the limit!