Illusion Wedding Gowns – What to Wear Underneath

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illusion wedding gown

Illusion wedding gowns are a really popular style dress and brides are going crazy over them, although I’m not surprised; they’re stunning!

If you don’t know what an illusion dress is, it’s a dress with a low cut neckline. This can be the back or front of the gown. A very sheer fabric is then used to give the dress more structure. An illusion gown makes it look as though beads and lace applique are floating on the brides’ skin, hence the ‘illusion’ look. An illusion dress will give you a romantic and vintage feel.

But what to do wear if you have an illusion gown with a low back?

The first thing to look at would be a low back basque. These are perfect for nearly all bridal gowns with a low back. Wearing a basque allows you to have support, it holds you in and more importantly makes you feel like a bride underneath your gown!

If the low back basque doesn’t quite come low enough, you may need to look at other options.

Another great product is the ‘Go Bare Backless Bra’. This is perfect as it is a stick on bra with no back! The straps securely stick to the side of your body and can also be cut down to size. These stick on bras range from an ‘A’ cup to an ‘F’ cup, making it a perfect accessory for brides!

Finally, you have ‘sew in cups’. These are cups that can be sewn into your wedding gown so that you do not need to wear any underwear. The ‘sew in cups’ will give you a little bit of support and will not give you a feeling of being exposed.

An illusion gown is perfect for any bride, and now you know what will work under your wedding dress.