Wedding Keepsakes and Lucky Charms

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good luck charms

A lot of people wonder about giving the bride a small little good luck token on the day of the wedding but are unsure what to get.

Bustle pins are a lovely little gift to give to the bride so that she can pin her train up while she’s on the dancefloor! Most bustle pins will come with diamantes or pearls on but some will have small good luck charms on.

Lockets are another great gift for the bride. Lockets can be used to clip onto the brides garter or flower bouquet. Why not include a photo of the brides loved ones so that they can be with her on her special day?

A horseshoe is a traditional good luck charm to give to the bride. It is an ancient symbol for good luck as it was used to ward off evil spirits. It is said that the devil is not allowed to enter a room with a horseshoe in, so the horseshoe will protect the bride throughout the day. The good luck sits inside the horseshoe to stop the luck from falling out. It is also thought that a horseshoe helps fertility.

A sixpence is another good luck charm that is traditionally placed in the brides left shoe. This tradition came from the Victorian times when Edward VI reined. Fathers would give their daughter a sixpence as ‘dowry’.  Dowry: an amount of property or money brought by a bride to her husband on their marriage.  A sixpence is thought to also bring the couple a lifetime of wealth.

Fun Fact: Wedding bells are thought to drive away evil spirits.