The Perfect Wedding Gift

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It can be hard to find the perfect gift to give to the newly wed. A lot of people give them something for their house whilst others want to give them something of sentimental value.

If you’re stuck for ideas then you’ve come to the right place!

If you’re looking at buying them something for luck the most traditional gift is a horse shoe. These are perfect to give to the bride after the ceremony whilst she has her photos taken. Another lucky gift would be a four leaf clover. These can often be found on a horse shoe and can also be given after the ceremony. Why not pair this up with their ‘Something Blue’ and add some blue ribbon for them to hold?

A locket is another great gift for the bride especially if there is a person who couldn’t be with them on their wedding day. Find a photo of the loved one to put in the locket so they are with the bride on her big day.

Keep sake charms are perfect as they bring you luck and can also be kept as a memory. Charms can include: Hearts with ‘bride’ and ‘love’ engraved on them, the world ‘love’, a sixpence, a four leaf clover and a horseshoe. This can also include their ‘something blue’. Give this to the bride after the ceremony and she can attach it to her flowers, garter or to be used as a bustle for her dress.

Another traditional idea is to buy the married couple ‘his’ and ‘her’ matching items. These can be anything from slippers; to hankies; to robes; to towels and mugs. These can be fun gifts and can be found in ‘His’ and ‘Hers’ or ‘Mr’ and ‘Mrs’. You may even want to find ‘Bride’ and ‘Groom’.

If you’re a bride looking to get her bridal party a small gift to thank them, why not think about something personalized? Slippers and robes are perfect to give to a bridesmaid to thank her for all her help with the wedding. This is something the Bridesmaid can keep to remember your special day.

Another great gift to give to the married couple of the bridal party would be a personalized collage full of photos and memories you share with them! If you’re buying for your bridesmaids, include lots of photos of you with her. If you’re buying for the happy couple find photos of them together to add to a collage. You may even want to find small memorabilia like a cinema ticket or train ticket so they can remember fun days out they had and create more memories to share with their children and grandchildren.

A similar idea to a collage would be a keep sake box. These can be great for the couple to keep their wedding photos and certificates in. Some day they may want to add a baby scan to it!

If you’d prefer, why not treat the newly wed. A spa day or night away is a perfect gift to give the bride and groom as it will allow them to carry on their honeymoon and spend some quality time together. Another great idea would be a meal out or a theatre ticket. A lot of places nowadays offer gift cards and some may include: spa days, nights away, wine tasting, dinner, theatre tickets, hair air balloon rides, helicopter rides, boat trips or other experiences like a sky dive! Whatever you decide it allows the happy couple to create lots of new and exciting memories together!

So there you have it, some amazing gift ideas to give to the Bride and Groom! Whatever you decide, the happy couple will always be grateful and are thankful you were there to share their special day with them.