Fitting Guide

With over 10 years of fitting brides in our store we would prefer you come along and get measured, we are passionate about brides having the correct size. Its such a special occasion and if you are able 99% of our brides who make the effort say “its well worth the trip” but we do appreciate you may be too far.

Its more important for strapless wedding dresses to have a strapless bra / basque that fits correct under the band. You may also want to consider a basque for a dress with a low back or if you need quite a bit of support. If a dress is corseted then a basque can still be warn, a corset would not be suitable. You will need your lingerie for your dress fitting, your seamstress will then be able to alter your dress to the lingerie. Have your dress fitting with the bra / basque straps on and remove them once you are in your dress.

The chart below is to be used as a guide only intended to provide a general indication of your bra / basque size.  Please also bear in mind that sizes vary between manufacturers and between different styles of bra. So what fits perfectly in one style or brand, may not in another. You can call us to find out what makes we recommend for your particular size if you so wish.


Step 1: Measure directly under your bust and pull as tight as feels comfortable ( in cm ) look down for your band size in column 1 to the right of this you will see your bra size 30″-44″

Step 2: Measure over your cup loosely,  look along the line from your underband measurement and stop where you see your over cup measurement. Look above and you will see your cup size. 

EG: If you measure 74cm under your band and 92cm over you will be 34c


  • Use this table as a guide only.
  • The same cup size will not be the same on different band sizes. For example, the cup size of a 32D will not be the same as a 36D, it is dependent on the bra’s band size.
  • The new size may not feel right for you initially, especially if you have been wearing a bra that fitted incorrectly. The most common fault is wearing a bra that has been too loose in the underband, therefore your new band size will feel tighter. If your new band size is more than two sizes different you may feel it more comfortable to change one size at a time.
  • The tape measure can only provide a rough guide, you will only find your perfect fit by trying on different styles and following our guides.
  • Try on different shapes to see what suits you and what makes you feel comfortable. A plunge shape bra tends to suit smaller cup sizes. Remember if you would like enhancers you will need to go up a cup size to accommodate them.
  • Bra sizing may appear complicated, but it is in fact very simple if you follow the steps above.